Military Records

  • Indivuals born 20-30 yearrs before a war began are the likeliest candidates to have served in the military, or to have married a serviceman.
  • You can request copies of military services records by following the instructions here.
  • American Battle Monuments Commission is dedicated to American war dead buried in overseas cemeteries.
  • Ancestry has over 1,000 military records collections.
  • $ Fold3 is a paid site that allows you to search U.S. military records.
  • FamilySearch has multiple military collections including:
    • Australia, New South Wales, Cemetery, Military and Church Records Transcripts, 1816-1982,
    • Austria, Carinthia, Military Personnel Records, 1846-1897,
    • Colombia, Military Records, 1809-1958,
    • German, Bavaria, Traunstein, Military Records, 1830-1918,
    • Italy, Napoli, Pomigliano d'Arco, Military Conscriptions (Comune), 1898 -1929,
    • Italy, Torino, Torino Military Conscriptions (Comune), 1790-1886,
    • U.S. Headstone Applications for U.S. Military Veterans, 1925-1949, and
    • US. Military Personnel who Died During the Vietnam War, 1956-2003.
  • Heritage Quest is available at all URRLS facilities through Galileo
    • A useful guide for Heritage Quest can be found here.
  • The National Archives and Records Administration allows individuals to order military veterans' service records.
    • CMSR's = Compiled Military Service Records are held at NARA. They are a set of cards that provide an overview of an individual's service in a military company. These were compiled prior to WWI.
  • National Gravesite Locator is a great resource to search for veteran graves within the U.S.
  • Navy and Marine Information can be found here