Central and Eastern European Research
(Austria, Croatia, Czech & Slovak, Hungary, Poland Switzerland )

    Note: I could not find a concise definition of what states are in central vs. eastern europe. So, instead of making up my own system I am combining the areas into one page.



Czech & Slovak Research

  • Hungarians commonly put their family names before their given names.
  • A woman often won't appear in records by her own name, but by adding the suffix -nĂ©
  • Hungary Exchange
    • Contains the Hungarian Marriage Project, an index of marriages in over 70 parishes in Europe and the United States
    • Visit the Surnames Database to connect with others researching the same surnames.

  • Poland is particularly difficult to research because of its its multiple border changes.
    • Partitions in 1772, 1793 and 1795 saw Poland carved up and its land distributed to Russia, Prussia and Austria.
    • Historically, powiaty (counties) were the basic geographic divisions. In 1975 the government also introduced wojewodztwa (provinces). In 1999 its 49 provinces were consolidated into 16.
    • The Poland Gen Web Project is a good resource to sort out the boundary changes.
    • For a map of contemporary Poland visit here.
    • Polish Geographic Atlas
    • World Atlas Poland
  • Polish children were often named after a saint whose feast day was near the child's birth or baptismal date.
  • Polish Genealogical Society of America
  • Polish State Archives Database
  • Polish Roots